Developing business ideas

  • Evernote – an online bulletin board that you can use to organize ideas and aphorisms.
  • Flippa – a marketplace for web domains as well as web shops. It can help to provide business development.
  • Google Keep – an online bulletin board that you can use to organize ideas and aphorisms ideas and provide access to the quick launch of an online business.
  • Solvr – looks like a common search engine, but when you “search”, the answer comes up as a problem that you can add an idea to. A new problem arises, as an idea must be attributed to. These issues can be shared with others via a link and in this way, you can make the process collective
  • Surveymonkey – an app (mobile and web-based) that can be used to generate surveys. The results of the surveys can be stored on your website and social media accounts.
  • Surveyswipe – an app where you can do mobile surveys.
  • Trello – an app that lets you to create multiple virtual bulletin boards. Trello lets you structure your ideas and tasks, and you can share your bulletin boards with others, even integrate and combine bulletin boards.
  • Uservoice – an app where you can set up user generated polls. Great for evaluating solutions to a problem.
  • Tongal – a platform where you can receive feedback and ideas for your concept, your production and your distribution.