For entrepreneurs

30 categories of websites, apps and hardware for the efficient entrepreneur.

Starting your company

Developing business ideas
Here you find a string of useful websites and tool to organize and develop your ideas.
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Develop business and marketing plans/business canvas
These sites can help you describe the plans for your business.
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Find sales leads and suppliers, etc.
Gather the contacts you need with informative databases.
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Get low-cost or free legal tips and templates
Save time and money with standardized material.
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Find and register brand names, slogans and domains for your company and products
Get your company identify in place.
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Find and share office space and meeting facilities
This is where you look for shared workspace.
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Finding investors and getting funded

Looking for investors
These fundraising sites could be the place to start.
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Performing marketing and PR activities (apart from social media)

Find and connect with journalists
Build your media network through these useful sites.
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Design and produce branded items such as T-shirts, PowerPoint templates, business cards, etc.
Find help for the visual elements of your brand.
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Managing people and outsourcing

Crowdsourcing of work tasks
Look for developers, designers, translators, and more.
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Hiring staff
Useful tools when you are growing your team.
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Become a professional board member – or manage your board
Here is where you can find advice on board work.
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Becoming and remaining well-informed

Find out what’s trending in media – and get alerts if it’s about you
Follow the buzz with these tools .
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Follow podcasts
Listen and consume on this great online content platform.
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Use the (mainly) best written sources about technologies, startup and venture business
Grow your knowledge through these sources.
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Read summaries and recommended material about your business interests
Extend your business knowledge through these sites.
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Read great books on entrepreneurship
Here is our recommended reading for you.
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Using social media platforms

Improve the quality of your presentations and social media posts
Here are tools and sites to spice up your material.
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Find the best platforms to post on
Useful platforms to extend your social reach.
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Create online surveys and quizzes on social media
Make more of your SoMe presence with these platforms.
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Manage your use of multiple social media platforms
Helpful tools and programs for your SoMe activity.
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Performing marketing research and control

Use dashboard tools to monitor the business
A range of site to help your supervision.
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Perform marketing research
Here you find a string of useful marketing sites.
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Check how well your social media activity is performing
This is where you can follow your SoMe performance.
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Creating and managing websites, e-commerce and blogs

Set up websites
Look here for an easy way to create your website.
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Do online sales and marketing
Marketing made easy through these sites.
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Use dropshipping services for e-commerce
Find the dropship service that suits you.
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Set up web shops
Get up and running through these services.
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Making yourself and your team more efficient

Manage e-mail activity better
Make the most of your correspondence with these tools.
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Make online conferences
Here are valuable tools for collaboration and conferences.
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Organise work groups, internal communication, etc.
Upgrade your organisation with better day-to-day management.
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Manage patents and trademarks
Brings your property rights in order through these sites.
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Use general efficiency tools
Handy tools for keep yourself organised.
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Buying gadgets that will make you efficient

Useful helpers to organise your work.
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