Underlining™, founded in 2018, is a US-based skincare and makeup company, which owns three beauty brands: TatBrow (eyebrows), Nailboo (nails) and Hide (color cosmetics & skincare). Through these premium brands, Underlining creates and markets high-quality & effective beauty products to a global customer base.  

Underlining shows strong growth since its start, growing revenues to $27m in just three years. 

A House of Brands & the Team

Underlining’s sharp focus on building a strong community and become a house of brands for beauty products is compelling. As product lines expand  across different categories, opportunities for bundling and cross-selling emerge. The team is genuinely entrepreneurial and has vast business experience and strong social media knowledge. With a good understanding of the overall beauty market, the team has a very clear product roadmap at hand.

Underlining’s Business Model and Go-To-Market

Underlining spots market trends and builds its premium brands as well as products around these.

The company aims to build five different brands in the next years. For their brands Nailboo and Tatbrow, the team started to establish an Amazon presence during Q1 2022. As a next step, the goal is to roll out all three brands into retail stores across the US, where the team is in close conversations with Walmart and Sallys. Furthermore the plan is to expand internationally to other geographies.

Building a Strong Community through Social Media

Underlining has a strong presence across all major social media channels with a significant number of followers, influencers and celebrities. With a strong marketing plan, the company has established a community of 12’000 followers on Facebook and 28 million followers on TikTok & Instagram with 1+ billion views per month. Among all social media channels, Instagram will be an essential marketing channel in targeting Gen Z and Millennials by embracing diverse ethnicity, age groups, skin types and body sizes.  


Founding Partner

Peter Warnøe, Nordic Eye Management

We are excited to invest in Underlining and their fast-growing brands focused on Millennials and Gen-Z. They have in a short time built a best-in-class provider of high quality, value-for-money cosmetics and we have high expectations for future collaboration.