LuggageHero provides easy, cheap and safe storage of luggage around the central areas of big cities using retail stores and hotels.

They have been operating in Copenhagen, London and New York City since 2017 and in 2019, they expanded to +36 additional cities across Europe and US including Barcelona, Madrid, Paris, Rome, Boston, Chicago and Los Angeles.

Drop it off with LuggageHero

Travelers want to maximize their time for holiday or business. LuggageHero lets travelers quickly drop off their luggage downtown in a local business and pick it up when convenient. Book easily online either in advance or on the spot from your smartphone.

The customers pay a low hourly rate and there are no commitments or penalties for booking and not showing up. Management believe in the being the most flexible and safe choice when storing luggage in major cities and they understand that things don’t always go as planned.  Rentals include security seal and full insurance for each bag in case of any loss, damage or theft.

LuggageHero is available on web and app

For shop owners, LuggageHero represents a new way to expose and market their shops to a very strong consumer group.

Besides the direct income from storing luggage, the shops see significant additional revenue from cross-selling to travelers that visit the shop due to the LuggageHero platform. 

+2.2 M

Bag storage hours

+250 K



Storage locations in 40 cities