Minerva is Buying and operating exceptional direct-to-consumer brands with their first purchase being Snuggle-me.


Minerva Projects introduces the fairly new and popular roll-up model In the Venture Capital space, where they their strategi is to buy and build unique companies. Their mission is to acquire 3-5 companies with uniqueness, and scalability within the Kids&Babies space. Minerva plans to buy brands with modern and high quality products in the US, Asia, and Europe over the next three years, targeting a GMV of $250m with 20% EBITDA margin. The new generation of Gen Z and Millennials are becoming parents and the shopping habits of the new parents have changed a lot over time. Unlike previous generations, most millennials research the products for quality & sustainability and purchase online instead of physical store. They are also heavily influenced by influencers and social media, and often there they discover new products. The parents of these new generations and their new shopping habits, are who Minerva and their companies target in their strategy. 

Their team includes two very experienced founder, who share experience at Rocket Internet, McKinsey and Lazada.

They have already acquired their first company, Snuggle-Me


Snuggle-Me is Minervas first purchase. They offer organic and high-quality baby-products, through improved marketing with a very big social media presence and operational efficiency.

This has landen some sky-high numbers, and a promising future for Minerva’s first purchase, Snuggle-Me