Peter Warnøe

General Partner & CEO

A relationship builder with extensive social capital, one of Peter’s key skills is mentoring new entrepreneurs to optimize personal and business growth.

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Joakim Vilhelm Warnøe

Partner & Head of Deal Sourcing

Joakim specializes in deal sourcing and screening, market analysis and business strategy.

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Lars Tvede

Strategic Partner

Working from his Swiss domicile, Lars is an experienced financier and serial entrepreneur with a very successful track record.

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Mia Schmidt

Associate Counsel

Mia comes from a background in The Danish Ministry of Justice, the courts and The Appeals Permissions Board.

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Richard Sussman

Managing Partner of the Americas

Based in Los Angeles, Richard is a Harvard graduate, whose passion is monetization and commercialization of innovative and disruptive products and services.

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Michael Tandrup

Partner & Investment Manager

Former CEO of TOPdesk Danmark, Michael is highly knowledgable in  IT and tech, as well as being a capacity in entrepreneurship, business strategy, sales management and B2B.

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Søren Grønborg Thorsen

Head of Analytics

With decades of experience in finance, Søren is a specialist in market and company analysis.

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Heath Williams

CEO, Nordic Eye Sales Accelerator

With more than 25 years of experience in the IT industry, Heath is brilliant in sales.

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Magnus Marker


Magnus specializes in deal sourcing, screening and business analysis.

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