Use general efficiency tools

  • 90 days – smartphone app that automatically tracks how many days in the year you spend in each country (mainly relevant for tax authorities)
  • Expat Tracker – smartphone app that automatically tracks which countries you have visited during the last 260 days. More advanced than the 90days app.
  • 1Password – smartphone app to store all your passwords, account numbers and other confidential information – securely.
  • AdobeFile&Sign – app to sign PDF documents from a smartphone or Apple computer.
  • Camcard – mobile app that can scan business cards.
  • Dictation – website for voice recognition that saves you time when you dictate longer documents.
  • Dropbox – secure file storage system. Share files.
  • Due – website and app that helps you write invoices and other administrative payments.
  • Escrow – safe transactions where payment is realized by delivery of product. Can be used when purchasing expensive web domains.
  • Glymse – app to book meetings and afterwards send real-time location of you to a given person who can follow your location.
  • Google Docs – cloud sharing of documents, very suitable for online collaboration.
  • Google Drive – secure file storage system. Share files.
  • LastPass – program that helps you remember all your passwords for different home pages, so you are not forced to do it yourself.
  • Pandadoc – app that lets you create a catalog of elements, e.g. text fragments and pictures for marketing, sales offers, contracts, presentations, etc. Here you can download different components into a single document with a single click.
  • Scanner Pro – app for scanning documents. Also allows you to upload to e.g. Dropbox or Google Drive.
  • Uber – app for booking.