Pioneer Fund

Pioneer Fund pools capital and expertise from 120+ Y Combinator alumni to make diversified investments in top Y Combinator startups, leveraging the unique domain knowledge and networks of the YC alumni community. Ranked at the top of global seed accelerator programs, Y Combinator has spawned numerous successful companies across the globe. Through our funds of funds investment in Pioneer Fund, Nordic Eye taps into this highly prestigious and attractive community. Our investment, accompanied by a board seat, allows us to explore co-investment opportunities on select cases as they mature and it unlocks a tremendous and valuable network. Overall, investing in Pioneer Fund boosts our deal sourcing abilities in Silicon Valley considerably.

Founded in 2017 by Jason Gray and Jared Heyman, Pioneer Fund has an entrepreneurial team of experienced operators with a strong angel investment board, a solid network in Silicon Valley and globally, and deep hands-on industry expertise in the verticals they invest in. In addition to YC alumni, the fund’s investor base includes well-known Silicon Valley venture and angel investors, several large family offices, and seasoned entrepreneurs with $1B+ exits.

Since March 2018, Pioneer Fund has invested in 24 companies and incurred an impressive increase in valuation caps. They plan a total of 80 investments.