For investment or press enquiries, please contact us through our LinkedIn or Facebook pages via the links provided below.

If you wish to make an investment proposal, please send us a PowerPoint or PDF presentation, of no more than 15 pages, outlining the scope of your proposal as follows:

  • Contact information
  • Your amazing team and its experience
  • The major problem you solve or market you address and how you do it
  • Your unfair competitive advantage
  • Why just now?
  • Why your market is – or will become – very big, and how much of it you think you can get
  • Your go-to- market strategy and how to earn money
  • How you get customers
  • Your traction so far
  • Predictable milestones. When will you achieve them?
  • Your realistic financial projections
  • How much capital will you need to get to where?


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