Keep focus.
Unlock potential.

We know about tech and lifestyle. That’s why we invest in it.

It takes knowledge and experience. It takes market and business insights. To succeed. That’s why we focus on technology and lifestyle companies and overlaps of the two when we invest.

One reason is our vast experience and track record within this field. We know it by heart, where it’s going and how to identify valuable possibilities. Another is our passion for technology and people and how to help create valuable businesses by making people’s lives easier and better.

We are open to any tech idea.

If it has great market potential. We are optimistic if you are in a hot trend. Excited if you are in an emerging trend. And ecstatic if you also invented the idea.

We bring passion, experience, energy and honesty. And we bring a vast network of experienced potential co-investors.

Imagine how far we can go together?