Keep Focus.
Unlock Potential.


We know Lifestyle and Tech.
That is why we invest in it.

To succeed, it takes knowledge and experience. And it takes market and business insights. That’s why we focus on technology and lifestyle companies.

One reason is our vast experience and track record within this field. We know it by heart, where it’s going, and how to identify valuable possibilities. Another reason is our work ethic. Dedicated to achieve our goals no matter what. Our work mindset is focused on delivering quality work that exceeds expectations and sets us apart.   

Our sweet spot.

We invest in companies looking for growth capital to continue their growth trajectory.

Investment focus: Two macro trends.

Tech-enabled transformation.

Modern lifestyle.

We are open for ideas.

If you have an investment proposal with strong market potential, we want to hear from you. We are particularly interested in hot and emerging trends, and we get especially excited when the idea is entirely yours. So, if you think you have an idea that could disrupt the market and generate significant returns, please get in touch with us.