The Nordic Eye Brand Promises

We spot. We add. We exit. 

Brand promise

We create high value through:

#1 Unique global network:

In Nordic Eye, we have a very strong personal network throughout the world. Especially in the core markets including Europe and the US. The network has been developed and nursed by our team for more than 30 years.

The majority of colleagues at Nordic Eye have extensive experience in funds, investment banking, and entrepreneurship, throughout most of their professional careers. This diverse background equips them with a remarkable network of connections.

Many new investments and exits are built on this strength, and it provides us with a strong foundation for our daily work. And we know exactly how to use and activate it for the benefit of all parties!
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#2 Energetic & passionate collaboration

Nordic Eye is not just another company in the world of Funds.

We differentiate ourselves from the rest of the growth & venture capital market, by being much more active in all our collaborations.

We only invest if we are passionate about it, because then we are certain that we can make a significant impact.

Energy is a paramount value for us, and we strive to be recognized as passionate and enthusiastic collaborator in every aspect.

That is real dedication and commitment for us.


#3 Imaginative and commercial mindset

One might ask how the words imaginative and commercial are able to walk hand in hand. They certainly are.
Commercial is basic. Imaginative makes the difference from average to winning. Finding the best possible investments for the benefit of our investors requires new ways of thinking. We need to move out of our comfort zone to discover the best opportunities.
That does not mean that we take a higher risk. The word AND in the brand, promise ensures this. In Nordic Eye, imaginative decisions and solutions are always built on a solid commercial mindset platform.
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#4 Decision
in due time

In Nordic Eye we know how to make fast decisions.
And we know how do make them in due time.

Whenever it comes to new investments, fundraising,
exits or hiring the best colleagues

That gives us an incredible track record and brings
Nordic Eye in the best performing league globally.