For entrepreneurs. By entrepreneurs.

Experience and drive. Not to mention results.

On one hand you have our experience. Between us we have founded or co-founded well over 20 startups. And invested in and advised many more. On the other hand, you have our eye for business. Our ability to drive change and help accelerate a business to a profitable exit.

We are openminded and honest. We are energetic and thorough. Because we can’t help your business unless we understand it in full. It might be your idea and busines, but you need us to take it further. That’s why we spend a lot of time and both internal and external resources to research your business before we invest. That’s the only way we can add value.

Massive experience? To your benefit.

Our joint upstart experience cover IT consulting, metadata, digital data, SaaS, big data, property, finance, extensive sales experience, and more.

Our roles in these ventures have covered everything from idea-generation and story-telling to product development, strategic planning, market analysis, partnership building, data monetization, direct-selling, managing and scaling BD and sales teams, sales and marketing, recruitment, legal, finance, trade sale, IPO and more

Going up? Yes please.

You are not here to keep the status quo. You are here to move on. To lift your business. Luckily, we are ready to help. We prefer to enter as an investor early on when the company has proven its product/market fit – barely. And we prefer to exit when its proven – really.

The difference we make is implementation of go-to-market strategies, which is our home ground. We have done full or partial exits many times before: mergers, acquisitions, asset sales, strategic company sales, joint ventures, management buy-outs, IPO, earn-outs, reverse takeovers, etc.

We are therefore familiar with the terms and the processes, and we know the partners who can help.

More than just an investment.


Jaclyn Baumgarten, Co-Founder & CEO

As an entrepreneur, it is so valuable to have a partner and investor like Nordic Eye that brings so much more than funding to the table. From fundraising to business models to revenue growth to acquisitions – Nordic Eye is there every step of the way. Their depth of experience and global network is really second to none.

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Sandro Mur, Co-Founder & CEO

Nordic Eye really takes the ‘smart money’ concept to a new level. Our relationship with them is incredible - they’re the first people we call when we need help, and they always prioritize us, no matter what. Their experience and entrepreneurial drive have helped us pivot to a subscription model, raise funds and meet new partners, and has been worth so much more to us than their investment.

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Blue Ocean Robotics

Claus Risager, Co-founder & CEO

Thanks to Nordic Eye, we changed our business model to a robot venture factory. Nordic Eye’s venture knowledge on how to create growth, combined with hands-on involvement in our business, helped us transition to a recurring revenue model, and we are now growing exponentially with sales in over 40 countries. Our partnership with Nordic Eye is the single most important thing that took place at Blue Ocean Robotics

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How we assist

No salespeople? No problem.

Founders are often not salespeople. That’s why we offer Nordic Eye Sales Accelerator. An in-house sales distribution company based in the UK. The team can assist a company in our portfolio aggressively grow their direct and channel sales revenue across the UK, Europe, the U.S. and Asia.

Before we invest

How scalable? That’s the question.

Before we invest in a startup company, we can rely on Heath’s tremendous sales experience and talent to assess how scalable the company’s product and brand really is. Furthermore, upon signing a startup, our Sales Team can move fast to accelerate sales. This way we ease the load for our portfolio companies, so that they can focus their skills where they are best needed.

When we invest

Accelerate sales. Now.

Our Sales Accelerator team typically use a 5-step sales methodology, supported by lead generation campaigns that build and maintain funnel pressure to support the new and aggressive sales targets. The methodology can be both be used for generating short term sales and also to be thought to the existing sales organization, for future self-driven improvements. Nordic Eye Sales Accelerator has a strong track record for building Million Dollar sales pipelines in just a few weeks’ time.