For Entrepreneurs.
By Entrepeneurs.

Why choose us

and drive.
Not to mention results.

On one hand you have our experience. Our team boasts extensive experience, having founded and co-founded more than 30 startup companies. Furthermore, we have invested in and advised many more.

On the other hand, you have our eye for profitable business. Our ability to drive change and help accelerate a business to a successful exit.

Our approach is founded on honesty and open-mindedness, and we’re committed to being both thorough and energetic. We believe that we can’t help your business thrive unless we fully understand it, so we invest considerable time and resources into researching your idea and business before we invest. This research-oriented approach allows us to add maximum value to your business and achieve our shared goals.

Our experience.
Your benefit.

Our joint team experience cover IT consulting, metadata, digital data, SaaS, big data, property, finance, extensive sales experience, change management, customer journey knowledge and more.

Our contributions to the ventures we work with are multifaceted, including every aspect from idea-generation and storytelling to product development, strategic planning, market analysis, partnership building, data monetization, direct selling, team management, recruitment, legal, finance, and more. We’ve played a crucial role in managing and scaling BD and sales teams. That includes driving sales, marketing efforts and in the end executing successful exits through trade sale or IPO. In short, our involvement is all-encompassing and geared towards helping our ventures achieve their full potential

Yes please.

The goal is not to keep the status quo, but to continue growing and lifting your business to a new level. This is where we come in. Entering in the early or mid stage is our sweet spot, as It fits with our capabilities. This stage is where the company has proven its product and market fit. We prefer to exit when our mutual goals of profitability has been proven. 



Exit in due time.

At Nordic Eye, our exit experience sets us apart. We specialize in implementing go-to-market strategies, an area in which we have extensive expertise. Over the years, we have successfully executed full or partial exits through various means such as mergers, acquisitions, asset sales, strategic company sales, joint ventures, management buy-outs, IPOs, earn-outs, reverse takeovers, and more. Our experience has made us familiar with the terms and processes involved, and we have built relationships with the partners who can help make our exits a success.