16. June 2022

New Nordic Eye investment – Room

ROOM is a sustainable company facilitating conference rooms and is based in New York, US. They have different showrooms worldwide: USA, Australia, Europe, and the UK. The company has revised the modern workspace we know today and has created modular architectural solutions that give employees silence and privacy. They have launched four products Phone Booth, Meeting Room, Open Meeting Room, and Focus Room – offering private rooms to focus on work or meetings, both in-person and virtual.

ROOM develops a series of purpose-built rooms that offer an affordable, sustainable, and flexible alternative to fixed construction and traditional office designs.
They make a personalized design, focusing on every detail as an opportunity to enable a better working environment for everyone. Their products introduce a better way to work, without the confined air problem. The rooms are designed with silent fans on the roof. Air inlets behind sofas replenish the air every 67 seconds, five times more than a traditional conference room.
Over 70% of meetings involve only one to four people. The user can connect confidently with built-in video conferencing. ROOM is not just building another room with four walls; they’re making a more productive workspace.