On a mission to enable sustainable outdoor adventures for millions around the world.



Making sustainable outdoor adventures possible around the world.

57Hours is a US-based company, founded in Croatia. The company is founded for those who head outdoors and become more appreciative of our planet, environment, and all the people — of different cultures, colors, and nations — as a result.

Their app features over a hundred different activities in over ten countries around the world – anytime, anywhere. When booking an adventure, you book a guide. Their guides don’t helicopter in, they are part of the communities where they live and work. When you book an adventure you support local jobs and businesses.




57Hours operate on carbon-neutral and renewable energy.

1% Member

1% of 57Hours gross sales goes to environmental non-profits, a yearly pledge they make as a member of the 1% for the Planet. Each trip they promote has a non-profit partner for various environmental initiatives that they carefully choose every year.

1% Member

1% of 57Hours gross sales goes towards guide education grants. Becoming a certified guide takes years. To make a decent living takes even longer. They supplement our guide’s development by paying for training, certification and supporting their business as it grows.

Half of these grants are allocated to female and BIPOC guides for professional training, from Single Pitch Instructors to advanced certification.

Their name

There are 57 hours from 3:00 pm, Friday, to midnight, Sunday.

For years, they maximized those hours, skipping out on work early at the end of the week, packing the car with gear, driving off to climb, hike, ski, run or sail, and returning late Sunday, tired, happy and fully recharged.