AlphaPaw is a US-based DTC pet brand that has grown revenue from $0 to +$18m, in just 3 years. AlphaPaw is no ordinary DTC pet brand. With headquarters in Austin, TX with fulfillment centers on the East and West coast, and a Founder Ramon Van Meer, known by Nordic Eye for years.

The company represents the largest pet community globally with +6 million followers, to whom AlphaPaw nurse a long-term valuable relationship, Which result in an extremely high return-rate. A task that traditional billion-dollar brick-and-mortar pet retailers have failed in. With products ranging from dog-ramps to consumables and accessories, AlphaPaw is making it more convenient than ever to own and care for a beloved pet. Every products sold on their website are is expert-reviewed & vet-approved, and upholds an exceptional high quality.

Great Potential!

AlphaPaw has a team of eCommerce Olympic champions, and a very modern integrated supply chain – All reasons we have great expectations for AlphaPaw. When reaching the +$100m revenue in the future, AlphaPaw expands sales to both Europe and Asia.

Big on Social Media

Alpha Paw is the organization behind the profile “Golden Retrievers” on instagram. A profile with + 2million followers, including american Emmy nominee, Shawn Mendes. The Instagram profile will be a significant marketing tool, and a great way to sell their products. The large number of  followers also helps to direct fan traffic towards the company’s page, as well as giving the company a very high credibility-rate. 

Big on giving back!

Their concept also includes giving back to the animal world, with protecting the planet by using sustainable and eco-friendly packaging. Furthermore, Alpha Paw heads the Alpha Paw Foundation which in turn gives to dogs and cats on the street. The organization is being funded both through purchase of their product, but also through donations, volunteering, partnerships, and events hosted by Alpha Paw

AlphaPaw team

We’re proud of the team members that make up The Alpha Paw Pack. Our employees generously give their time, resources, and talent to nonprofits in order to help animals in need – and charitable giving is ingrained in our culture and is central to our brand identity. To support our employees’ passion, we pledge to partner with our pack, match their generosity, reward their selflessness, and encourage their efforts. Together, our potential for impact is a force to be reckoned with.