Bulletin is a premium e-commerce community where retailers discover, meet, and shop the best brands on the market.


Bulletin is a New York-based company founded in 2016 by their current CEO and COO, Alana Branston and Ali Kriegsmann. Bulletin’s mission is to make simplify wholesale for customers all around the world. With their experience in retail, they can offer the best retail experience. They have built a wholesale solution that helps stores with cash flow, and a marketplace experience that helps them find the very best brands – the ones customers will notice, fall in love with, and keep coming back for.

Through their premium wholesale marketplace, which operates as a digital trade show, Bulletin’s mission is to help small businesses grow through community and connection. Bulletins platform connects direct-to-consumer Brands with verified, premium online or brick-and-mortar retailers from initially around the United States and Canada. Retailers can seamlessly discover tens of thousands of new products from over 1,200 brands on the platform.

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