CloudApp, formed in 2016, is an all-in-one screen recording software solution that facilitates information-dense communication through internal channels with external business networks.

The software can record, host, and share short videos and visuals (images, annotated screenshots) to make team and customer conversations faster and more succinct. The company generated $4.7m in revenues in FY21.

How To Use

CloudApp provides a simple, fast and easy-to-use tool to capture images and video from your computer allowing for communication, demonstrations, explanations and presentations.

The product is available on all major operating systems (iOS, MacOS, Windows). CloudApp has a link ready to share as soon as the recording is stopped. Every company that needs remote communication and a collaboration tool can be a user of CloudApp. Common use cases include Customer Support, Sales, R&D collaboration, Sales and inter-company communication.


+4 M


Large Market with Strong Growth Opportunities

The investment has a multitude of attractions that can be executed within a massive market.

The market for B2B and SaaS productivity software is further enforced by Covid-accelerated trends where comfort with video tools, remote/hybrid work environments, video consumption & creation is all on the rise.

Number One Collaboration Software

CloudApp could become the number one collaboration software for individuals and professional teams, allowing for the best possible communication in the work-from-anywhere economy.

The enterprise collaboration market is expected to grow with 12.7% CAGR until 2026 and is supported by corporations adjusting to a flexible and remote work environment.


Business Model

CloudApp targets individual users with a freemium model, small businesses with team subscriptions, and large businesses with enterprise subscriptions.

The freemium model builds a customer funnel that can be converted and upsold to paid subscriptions. Individuals can bring products into the workplace without going through lengthy and expensive sales cycles.

Investment Manager & Partner

Mandeep Arora, Nordic Eye Management

What attracts us to CloudApp is its relevance. Text is now a mode of communication that feels like a thing of the past. Video is what we humans crave. With CloudApp, we are resurrecting easy, simple connections through video – so businesses can bridge communication gaps in hybrid work environments, and people can be people.