Founded in 2016, Freightify is a digital platform specially designed for the freight forwarders. It enables them to perform their daily tasks efficiently & effectively.

Freightify is headquartered in Chennai, India, and the platform helps source rates faster, reduce operational inefficiencies, boost sales, make informed decisions using data analytics – thereby providing a seamless user experience to the customers.

Brings the world together, digitally.

The Freight Forwarding Industry is witnessing a digital transformation. It is disrupting the traditional ways of doing business. It is imperative that an industry can adapt to this wave of change, as freight forwarders take the very first step towards digitization.

The fragmented nature of the industry poses a serious challenge in the digitalization of offerings. However, at the same time opens up various avenues for success and growth.

New Technology Trends in Logistics

The world is getting smarter. Now, the logistics industry is implementing AI solutions like intelligent transportation, route planning, and demand planning. AI allows logistics professionals to do their job more quickly while reducing mistakes and creating cost-savings.

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