A platform where companies, resellers, and distributors work together to bid on government contracts that normally are hardly accessible.

Govly is a US based company that helps democratizing the bidding process for government contracts. Govly’s mission is based on the idea that the bidding and buying process for contracts, should be more accessible to the general public, and not only for the benefit of those with a strong network, within the field. Govly opens up government opportunities, and future collaborations that without Govly would have been impossible. 

The platform is based on a monthly subscription model, with a 3 plan freemium offering respectively, Free, Team & Prime Account.

Personal and Powerful

Govly also has a search feature that is personalized to what YOU specifically need. they create targeted searches, and notify you as soon as something you are looking for.

Market Analysis

Govly has a advanced search feature with the help of their expert analytics dashboard, that can identify trends and new business opportunities.