A performance dashboard that does more than simply visualize numbers. It is a dashboard tool that motivates employees with engaging features unique to Plecto. With Plecto, companies can build custom business dashboards to display any data on any screen. Visualize performance in real-time across screens to keep track of goals and results.

Innovative dashboards

Choose from a growing list of dashboard widgets and start building dashboards using drag-and-drop. With Plecto, companies control what, how and where their performance data is displayed.

Motivate teams and employees with gamification dashboards. Plecto has taken the addicting elements from games and applied them to their platform for using gamification in business.

Mix and match data from multiple sources. Create detailed performance visualization by displaying dashboard widgets that sources and merges data from multiple systems, integrations or manual data registrations.

Download the app

Bring your Plecto dashboards wherever you go with their newly re-designed mobile app. Bring Plecto home with you, and show it on your TV or access your dashboards on the go with their app for android, Iphone and Apple Watch.