Zycada is a technology company based in Mountain View, California, USA. Powered by AI, the Zycada Delivery Network fingerprints and optimizes every connection individually and in real-time to deliver the best quality of experience (reduced page load time and reduced rebuffering on videos). In less than 30 minutes, Zycada enhances any multi-CDN, private CDN, and telco environment, requiring no code changes or SDK. Zycada’s superior product means improved performance and an increase in traffic, lift in sales and growing revenue.

Time to Interactive

Why care about TTI?

According to research, 90% of customers will abandon the online shopping experiences if page load times exceed 3 seconds. The data shows that 70% of those consumers will never return to the website, and on average each of those shoppers will discuss their negative experience with 15 friends on social media.  So your first impression is often the only impression you will get with potential shoppers.

4.7 S

with no acceleration

2.7 S

with Amazon

0.5 S

with Zycada

Changing the game for online merchants

The Zycada Platform

The Zycada Platform enables the fastest online shopping experience in the world, by leveraging the power and scale of bot technology. Zycada has been proven, in production customer environments, to improve page load times for dynamic content by 10x and boost load performance for even the most optimized e-commerce sites and content acceleration services.