Investment Analyst

Kristian Stærup

Our student analyst team includes Kristian who demonstrates a proactive attitude and a talent for working with numbers. He has practical experience with client interaction from previous positions in the service industry and customer service.

As part of his role, Kristian conducts market research, evaluates and analyzes cases, assists with management tasks, and contributes to the due diligence process. He approaches problem-solving systematically and has a strong track record of tackling the most intricate challenges. Additionally, Kristian is currently pursuing his master’s in applied economics and finance at Copenhagen Business School.

Kristian possesses relevant prior professional experience, having served as a sales analyst at Essay AB. In this capacity, he undertook analytical tasks related to data analysis and price support, in addition to being responsible for the maintenance of internal systems pertaining to negotiated contracts and data management.

Moreover, he has also acquired practical experience in customer support through his previous tenure at Nykredit, a well-known Danish bank and mortgage provider.