Every startup business story is different

Every early growth business is different and faces both technical and commercial challenges – we select unique cases with a clear scalable potential and a strong fit to our capabilities.


After we invest, we really get
to work

Our joint upstart experiences cover IT consulting, metadata, digital data, SaaS, big data, property, finance, extensive sales experience and more.


When the company has proven itself

Our preferred point of entry is when the company has proven its product and market fit. And our preferred point of exit is when it has proven its scalability.

Some of our
portfolio clients


Nordic Eye Invests in FreightBro

The first investment in Nordic Eye’s Fund 2 is FreightBro. Shopify for maritime freight.

The solution is a Digital Third-Party Logistic SaaS platform for freight forwarders. To a market that is not yet digitalized for small and medium size entities, FreightBro has a huge potential in enabling these to compete in a rapidly changing global market.


Our investment focus is technology and lifestyle companies

We are open to any tech idea with great market potential, and our view is this: if you are in a hot trend, fine. But if you are in an emerging trend, better. And if you invented it, best!